A Day in the Life: The Role of Travel Managers (North America & Europe)

The GBTA Foundation in partnership with Sabre conducted a two-phase research study about the role of the Travel Manager and the value they bring to their organizations. The main goals of the research include, but were not limited to: the day-to-day tasks performed by Travel Managers, the financial and non-financial savings they bring to their organizations, and the metrics/KPIs they use to measure the success of their corporate travel programs. 

The current report reflects the online survey results from the second phase. Participants were included in the second phase if they are North America or Europe-based Travel Managers and have some level of responsibility with one or more travel categories:  airlines, hotels, ground transportation, meetings and events, TMCs/Agencies, payment solutions, and travel technology.

Highlights Include:


• How do Travel Managers expect their role to change in the next few years?


• What travel activities take up most of Travel Managers’ time? 


• What kinds of metrics/KPIs do Travel Managers use to measure the performance of their travel programs? Are they measuring the right kinds of things?


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